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Industrial Forging

Special Purpose Machines

  • Automated Engraving Machines.

  • Cost Effective Compact Leak Testing Machines.

  • Full range Automated Part Washing Machines (3 Stages).

  • Components Cleaning/Drying Machines.

  • Fully/Semi Auto Flash Removing Machines.

  • Assembly Line-Pneumatic Tooling Machines.

  • Conversion of Complex Manual Operations to Cost Effect Various Complex Process/Operations.

  • Conversion from Manual to Equipment based Operating Systems.

  • Multi-Domain SPM Development Services (For Semi-Conductor, medical, Automobiles, manufacturing Systems.

Manufacturing Allied products

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  • VMC/VMC 4th Axis Fixtures(Manual/Hydraulic/Pneumatic).

  •  HMC Fixtures(Manual/Hydraulic/Pneumatic).

  •  CNC Turning Fixtures(Manual/Hydraulic/Pneumatic).

  •  UTM/Reliability Testing Fixtures.

  •   Sheet metal & Welding Fabrication Fixtures.

  •  Specialised Fixtures/Jigs for Drills, Conventional Machines jobs, Special Operations.

  •   Non-Standard Tooling & Manufacturing Equipment Developments.

  •  Full Range new Components Proving Services (from part study, Fixtures, Tooling, Programming, Machining, NDT Testings).

  •  Complex Features/Parts Manufacturing Solution Services.


  • Assembly line Automation systems (Conveyors, Manipulators, Servo-systems, Special Mechanics).

  • Manufacturing process & Integrated Robotic Systems.

  • PLC/SW Embedding systems.

  • Low cost full/semi-manual to Auto process Automation.

  • Industrial IOT & Plant intelligence systems.

  • Full Range Automation solutions & Development for Industrial Process.

Specialty Equipment

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  • Food processing/Bakery Equipment for Micro & Medium Units.

  • Restaurant Equipment.

  • Cottage Industries Machineries/Equipment Multi-Purpose.

  • Construction Sites Automation/Process Equipment.

  • Hyper Malls-Facilities & Maintenance tools/Equipment.

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